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The English Language is one of the most important sections in banking exams, be it prelims or mains, this section can help you score some very good marks. Students often complain about this as being lengthy and are always perplexed as to how they can ace this. In this article, we will be discussing all the important topics of English Language section that you must study before sitting in the final exam and what should be your strategy to tackle them.

Get reasoning tricks, books, study material & notes for SBI PO, SBI Clerk, IBPS SO/Clerk/RRB, & RBI Bank exam preparation. Get topic-wise reasoning ability weightage for various Bank exams. Reasoning involves questions from verbal reasoning (logical reasoning) based on critical thinking or analytic reasoning basically, it involves one's ability to confine and identify the various components of any given statement. Only a person with higher logical reasoning ability can score more in the bank exams.




Consumer bank is a new addition in the banking sector, such bank exist only in countries like U.S.A and Germany. This bank provides loans to their customer to buy T.V, Car, furniture etc. and give the option of easy payment through instalment.

Before opening a bank account, if it is a saving account, you have to check the interest rate on the deposit and whether the interest rate remains consistent for the period. If you have the checking account, then look for how many cheques are free to use. Some banks may charge you for using paper cheques or ordering new cheque books. Also, check for different debit card option that is provided on opening an account and online banking features.

Overdraft protection is a service that is provided by a bank to their customer. For instance, if you are holding two accounts, saving and credit account, in the same bank. Now if one of your accounts does not have enough cash to process the cheques, or to cover the purchases. The bank will transfer money from one account to another account, which does not have cash so to prevent check return or to clear your shopping or electricity bills.

Yes, bank will charge on ‘overdraft protection’ services but the charges will be applicable only when you start using the service.

APR stands for Annual Percentage Rate, and it is a charge or interest that the bank imposes on their customers for using their services like loans, credit cards, mortgage loan etc. The interest rate or fees imposed is calculated annually.