Online Quiz for General Awareness


Q 1)

Archery World cup held in Antalya (Turkey). Which medal did India wins in this World Cup?

A) Gold

B) Silver

C) Bronze

D) Both 1 & 2

E) None of these

Q 2)

The annual meeting of World Economic Forum (WEF) was held in which of the following cities recently?

A) Paris

B) Toronto

C) Davos

D) Oslo

E) Frankfurt

Q 3)

India along with four other countries to build the world’s biggest Telescope in Hawaii Island. Besides India, other nations involved in the project are ______.

A) U.S., China, Russia, France

B) Japan, Canada, US, Russia

C) China, Russia, South Korea, U.K.

D) China, U.S., Japan, Canada

E) U.K., Germany, U.S., Canada

Q 4)

Which of the following countries has launched the world’s first facial recognition ATM, which will not allow users to withdraw cash unless their face matches their Ids?

A) South Korea

B) Switzerland

C) France

D) China

E) None of these

Q 5)

National income is the

A) net national product at market price

B) net national product at factor cost

C) net domestic product at market price

D) net domestic product at factor cost

E) None of these

Q 6)

The government is expected to soon take a decision on Roongta committee recommendations. These recommendations are related to bringing reforms in_______.

A) Asset Reconstruction Companies (ARCs)

B) Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)

C) Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)

D) Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)

E) None of these

Q 7)

Consider the following statements
A. President of India Pranab Mukherjee presented Bharat Ratna award to Former Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee at his home.
B. Bharat Ratna is India's highest civilian honour.
C. He is the seventh prime minister to receive the award.
Which of the above statements is/are TRUE?

A) Only B

B) Both B and C

C) Only C

D) All A, B and C

E) None of the above

Q 8)

Who among the following Indian scientist was on 19 Jun conferred Japan’s highest civilian award, the ‘Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Star’?

A) CNR Rao

B) MRS Rao

C) G Madhavan Nair

D) APJ Abdul Kalam

E) None of these

Q 9)

There are the only four countries in the world which carry more than a billion tonnes of freight on their railway networks annually. Which of the following is not one of that?

A) India

B) China

C) Japan

D) Russia

E) None of these

Q 10)

What is the current immunization rate in urban India and in rural India as per the recent announcement of government of India respectively?

A) 58.5% a 67.4% ,

B) 67.4% & 58.5%

C) 64.7% & 55.8%

D) 55.8% & 64.7%

E) None of these