Online Quiz for General Awareness


Q 1)

God of Small Things is authored by:

A) Kiran Desai

B) Arundhati Rai

C) V.S. Naipaul

D) Taslima Nasrim

E) None of these

Q 2)

Who has been awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature 2014?

A) Alice Munro

B) Patrick Modiano

C) Mo Yan

D) Tomas Transtromer

E) none of these

Q 3)

A bank draft can be defined as a/an ____.

A) Letter from commercial bank

B) Cheque drawn on the bank itself

C) Direction to a banker to collect a customer’s debt

D) Instruction to dishonour a stop payment

E) None of the above

Q 4)

"Pink Revolution” is related to -

A) Cotton

B) Garlic

C) Grapes

D) Onion

E) None of these

Q 5)

Under the Housing for All scheme launched by the govt on 25 Jun, it aims to build how many houses by 2022?

A) 20 lakh

B) 50 lakh

C) 80 lakh

D) 1 cr

E) 2 cr

Q 6)

Which among the following banks have recently launched “Pehla Kadam and Pehli Udaan” saving account for minors who are more than 10 years old?


B) Axis Bank

C) SBI Bank

D) Federal Bank

E) IDBI Bank

Q 7)

The National Centre for Agricultural Economics and Policy Research (NCAP) is located at?

A) New Delhi

B) Hyderabad

C) Bangalore

D) Mumbai

E) Chennai

Q 8)

The World Radio Day is observed on which date?

A) February 12

B) February 14

C) February 15

D) February 17

E) February 13

Q 9)

“Devagi Prafulla Chandra”, who passed away recently, was a famous__?

A) Agriculturist

B) Artist

C) Musician

D) Author

E) Scientist

Q 10)

Footballer Cristian Gomez died after collapsing during a game for his club Atletico Parana on 24 May. He is the second footballer from which of the following countries to die on the field in May 2015 itself?

A) France

B) Spain

C) Argentina

D) Brazil

E) None of these