Online Quiz

Q 1)

Translator program used in assembly language is known as :

A) Compiler

B) Interpreter

C) Translation

D) Translator

E) Assembler

Q 2)

A good /2) leader is of prime /3) importance for develop /4) of any organisation.

A.    A goodB.    leader is of prime
C.    importance for developD.    of any organisation.

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D

E) E

Q 3)

‘O’ is the circumcentre of triangle ABC. If ∠BAC=50° then ∠OBC is.

A) 100°

B) 130°

C) 40°

D) 50°

Q 4)

Matching List Type- Correct Answer – 4 , Incorrect Answer – (-1)

A) a

B) b

C) c

D) d


Q 5)

The earliest calculating device are:

A) Clock

B) Difference Engine

C) Abacus

D) Calculator

E) None of these

Q 6)

IUPAC name of HOCH2CH2 OH is-

A) Ethylene glycol

B) Ethane -1, 2-diol

C) Ethyl-1, 2-diol

D) Ethylene diol


Q 7)

Single Correct:

Two point charges q and –q are fixed in space at separation a. The electric flux through infinite plane perpendicular to line joining the charges at a distance a/3 from +q is
Find the value of k.

A) 1

B) 2

C) 3

D) 4


Q 8)

3. Memory unit is one part of
a) Hard disk
b) Control unit
c) Output device 
d) Central Processing Unit
e) None of these. 

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D

E) E

Q 9)

What is India’s position in the Transparency International's Corruption Perceptions Index 2013 released recently?

A) 127

B) 94

C) 84

D) 80

E) None of these

Q 10)

Which of the following is not a computer language?

A) C

B) C++

C) Java

D) Microsoft

E) None of these