Online Quiz

Q 1)

The average temperature of Monday to Wednesday is 37°C and that of Tuesday to Thursday is 34°C. If the temperature on Thursday is 4/5 on that of Monday then what will be the temperature on Thursday? 

A) 45°

B) 36°

C) 50°

D) 40°

Q 2)

A + B C                     H = + 60 kJ/mol

 Eaf is 150 kJ. What is the activation energy for the backward reaction-

A) 210 kJ

B) 105 kJ

C) 90 kJ

D) 145 kJ


Q 3)

There has been a considerable drop in sales of four wheelers during the past six months when compared to the number of four wheelers sold during this period last year.
Which of the following can be the probable cause of the above phenomenon?
(A) The Government has imposed higher excise duty on four wheelers at the beginning of this year.
(B) The petrol prices have risen considerably during the past eight months.
(C) The rate of interest on home and car loans has been rising for the past seven months.

A) All (A), (B) and (C)

B) (A) and (C) Only

C) (B) and (C) Only

D) (B) Only

E) (A) Only

Q 4)

Which of the following is true regarding C?

A) C sits at immediate right of E

B) C and B belong to the same team

C) C and D are neighbours

D) C is second to the left of B

E) None of these

Q 5)

What is the focus & Priorities of IBA?
(a) The Government of India on policy related issues 
(b) Industry unions on wage negotiations and improving industrial relations 
(c) Foreign counterparts to widen the horizon and perspectives 
(d) Members to encourage inter-bank co-operation and co-ordination 
(e) All of the above

A) a

B) b

C) c

D) d


Q 6)

Which of the following is the correct match:
1. Sadbhawana Divas --------------- A. 29 August
2. International Tiger Day --------------- B. 29 July
3. National Sports Day --------------- C. 20 August
4. World Population Day --------------- D. 11 July

A) 1-A, 2-B, 3-C, 4-D

B) 1-C, 2-D, 3-B, 4-A

C) 1-B, 2-C, 3-D, 4-A

D) 1-C, 2-B, 3-A, 4-D

E) None of these

Q 7)

If 26 is subtracted from 45% of a number result become 46. What will be the number?

A) 137.77

B) 150

C) 182.22

D) 160

E) None of these

Q 8)

I had already have /2) five glasses of vodka with thorn-apple /3) and sat with my heavy /4) head in my hands.

A.    I had already haveB.    five glasses of vodka with thorn-apple
C.    and sat with my heavyD.    head in my hands.

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D

E) E

Q 9)

Which of the following has/have been the impact/s of consistently occurring natural disasters?
(A) The Government has initiated a long term planning process to handle them
(B) Use of technology in combating disasters has increased In India
(C) The Government is not caught unawares when such disasters occur.

A) None

B) Only (B) (3)

C) Both (A) and (C)

D) Both (A) and (B)

E) All (A), (B) and (C)

Q 10)

Which of the following is the SIXTH (LAST) sentence after rearrangement?

A) A

B) B

C) C

D) D

E) E